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Help Page for Buyers: Community Information

Finding Community Information
  1. Click the "Community Info" button found in the buyers section. (Click the black "Buy Homes" button on the top navigation button, then click the purple "Community Info" button.
  2. You will see a map and a list of communities. The numbers beside the menu items show you where these communities are on the map.
  3. Click the map or use the menu list to make your selection. All available areas are on the list.
  4. The selected community information page will then be brought up. At the top of the information page there are links to main categories of information on the page.
  5. For more web sites about the community you will find embedded links within the article as well as a collection of related web sites at the bottom of each page. Click "Other Web Sites" to jump there.

* helpful links: Go to Community Information Page

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