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The Entire Site on One Page; Using the INDEX
Using the Navigation Buttons
Navigation in the Searches

Index Page/Site Map - [ top of page & help menu]
  1. Every page on this site is accessible from the Index Page.
  2. Click the black "Index" button on the top menu bar to access this page

* helpful links: Go to Index Page

Using the Navigation Buttons -[ top of page & help menu]

  1. Site Navigation: The site's main sections (Homepage, Buy Homes, Sell Homes, Commercial, Boards & Assoc., Help, and Index) are always accessible from the top black menu bar
  2. Section Navigation: Within most sections there is subsection navigation via the bar under the banner. Use these purple buttons to explore the section.
  3. Subsection Navigation: if a subsection has more than 1 page you will see a menu bar on the left, just like on this page. Every page in the section is on the menu bar. Click the link to view the page

Navigation in the Searches - [ top of page & help menu]

  1. Map Searches: Navigate by clicking on the Maps or making selections from the lists on the map pages. As you click through the maps, you can navigate backwards using the hyperlink trail that builds as you explore by clicking on the maps
  2. Summary Results Navigation: Once you have your results, you may have multiple pages to look out. You can page through using the "Previous" and "Next" buttons or use the "View" pull down menu to select a set of results, and then click the "go" button to go to that set of results.
  3. Detail Result Navigation: On the Detail Screen you have a button n the top to backtrack to the summary page and "Previous Property" and "Next Property" hyperlinks if you wish to stay in the Detail view and go directly to the next property from your summary page.

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