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Finding the right Realtor

Buying or selling a home is a significant financial decision. Your Realtor serves as your trusted advisor, guiding you at every step of the process.

That’s why it’s important to take your time to choose the right Realtor for you.

But how do you find the right Realtor for you? Here are ten steps to help.

1. Ask people you trust

Ask your friends and family who they’ve worked with before. Referrals speak volumes. Talk to people you trust and who know you. Ask detailed questions. Was your Realtor quick to respond to calls? How did they handle the paperwork, marketing, or tense situations?

Make use of the people in your lives to get a good referral.

2. Study the neighbourhood

Take note of “For Sale” signs in the area you’re interested in buying or selling and visit a few real estate offices that appear active in the neighbourhood.

3. Know how your Realtor can help you

The value you gain by working with a Realtor can be divided into three categories: service, knowledge and protection.

The right Realtor adds certainty and competitiveness to the home buying or selling experience.

They’re also skilled at contract negotiations, multiple offer situations, and are trained in real estate ethics and law. They can also:

  • help you adopt a sound negotiation strategy;
  • supply you with the most accurate and comprehensive real estate data through the MLS® system;
  • assess market history and current trends;
  • assist with the multitude of forms;
  • recommend other professionals, such as a certified home inspector, notary, insurance agent, mover or contractor.

4. Know your needs

We all have different needs, budgets and expectations. A first-time buyer requires different services than a seasoned real estate investor. Think about what expertise and knowledge you lack, and what services and insights you need from your Realtor.

5. Find the Realtor with the specialized knowledge and services you need

Realtors tend to work in certain areas and have expertise in different ways. Many have specialties in housing types or transactions. Some Realtors focus on buying and selling condos, vacation properties, land assembly deals, waterfront homes, investment properties, rentals and more.

When you talk to your potential Realtor, ask them where they work and what they specialize in.

6. Understand how working with a Realtor protects you

When working with a Realtor, each stage of a transaction occurs in front of a well-regulated backdrop designed to protect the public. This includes insurance should information be left out of a contract or incorrect, an assurance fund to protect your deposits, and multiple avenues of recourse if you feel your Realtor didn’t act in accordance with his or her professional and legal obligations.

7. Interview a few before choosing your Realtor

The right Realtor should be someone who gives you confidence. You may be working with your Realtor for weeks or months, so you’ll want to be comfortable with them. Don’t hesitate to interview a few before making your choice. Think of these as job interviews.

8. Ask the right questions

Ask Realtors you’re considering about their marketing skills, strategies, education and training, and their customer service standards.

9. Set expectations

Explain your expectations. Discuss how you’d like to communicate – are you more comfortable with text, phone, or email communication? How quickly will you expect a response? How involved do you want them to be in the process?

Setting expectations before signing any representation contract will ensure you have the relationship you want with your Realtor.

10. Begin the search

Once you’ve defined your needs, you can start your search today by using the online Realtor search tool. With this tool, you can identify Realtors based on location, language, professional designations, specialties and more.

Choose the right Realtor

Begin your home buying or selling journey today - find a Realtor who’s right for you.


Realtors work from a powerful business system called the Multiple Listings Service® (MLS®). The MLS® contains detailed information on home listings. Owned and operated by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver and its Realtor members, Realtylink is powered by the MLS®. Use Realtylink today to find your next home

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