May 29, 2023

What is the home owner grant and how do I get it?

Property taxes are due in early July.

Property owners who haven’t received a tax notice should contact their municipal finance department.

New property owners who don’t receive a tax notice, or received a tax notice with the previous owners’ name(s) on it, should:

  • contact the BC Land Title and Survey Authority at 604-630-9630 for a Certificate of Title to prove ownership; and
  • complete the Home Owner Grant application available online in most municipalities.

Check the due date

Property taxes must be paid and the Home Owner Grant claimed by the due date to avoid late penalties.

Reduce your taxes with the Home Owner Grant

Canadian citizens and landed immigrants who are permanent residents and whose home is their principal residence may be eligible to claim the Home Owner Grant.

There are several types of grants including the:

Apply for your grant here.

Submit your grant documents online here.

Check your grant application status here.

Change your grant application here.

Deferring taxes

A low-interest loan program lets qualifying property owners defer part, or all, of their property taxes on their principal residence.

The two programs allow deferment:

Home owner grant amounts

The regular grant amount is $570 for properties located in the Capital Regional District, the Metro Vancouver Regional District and the Fraser Valley Regional District. For all other areas of the province the amount is $770.

The grant threshold is the maximum value of an assessed or partitioned property where home owners are eligible to claim the full home owner grant.

Grant threshold for 2023

The threshold is $2,125,000.

  • You may be able to claim the full regular grant amount if your property has an assessed or partitioned value of $2,125,000 or less.
  • If you meet all requirements but your property’s assessed or partitioned value is over $2,125,000, you may qualify for a grant at a reduced amount.

The grant is reduced by $5 for each $1,000 of assessed value over $2,125,000.

  • This means properties assessed up to $2,239,000 ($2,279,000 in a northern and rural area) can receive a partial regular grant.
  • For the additional grant, properties assessed higher than $2,294,000 ($2,334,000 in a northern and rural area), are not eligible for a Home Owner Grant.

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