June 28, 2023

Home security – 11 tips to protect your belongings

It’s summertime and the living is easy, especially for potential thieves. It’s easy to forget about locking doors when you’re in and out of the garden or on a quick trip to the store. Going away for longer, like holidays or business trips, brings its own challenges for securing your home.

Most break-ins occur during the day, and the most common break-in points are on the main floor. Whether you’re home or away, here’s some advice to protect your home and belongings.

1. Know your neighbours
Whether they’re down the hall or across the road, they can be a good form of defence if they know you, your family, and when you’re away. They can also collect your mail and make it look like someone's home.

2. Think like a thief
Try to break into your home. Are your doors and windows secured? Is it easy to force your way in through the outside doors and garage door? Look for other vulnerable spots.

3. Install an alarm system
Include cameras if your budget allows.

4. Door locks
Use deadbolts and a strike plate. Sliding doors often have flimsy locks so be sure to install a security bar. If you’ve recently bought a home, replace the door locks. Get into the habit of locking your doors when you’re home.

5. Doors can be easily kicked in 
Doors can be easily kicked in. Your home and garage doors can be vulnerable. Perhaps install a sturdier door and frame.

6. Protect windows
Install shatterproof glass or add security film that prevents glass from shattering. The film may deter thieves since they have to spend more time gaining access to the inside. Put locks on your windows, especially on the main floor. When replacing windows, install ones that can be locked.

7. Identity theft
Put your financial documents, including credit card information, in a secure place.

8. Timers 
Your radio, television, and indoor and outdoor lights should be on timers.

9. Don’t create hiding places outside
Don’t create hiding places outside. Make sure trees and shrubs are trimmed clear of windows and doors so no one can hide in them.

10. Use social media wisely
Don't announce your holiday plans, and wait to get home before posting about your adventure. Otherwise, you’re advertising your home is available to rob..

11. Get a house sitter
Ask friends or relatives to stay at your place for all or part of the time you’re away, or hire a professional house sitter.

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