Buying or selling a home is a major life decision. It helps to have someone in your corner who can guide you through the process—that’s where a Realtor comes in. But how do you find the Realtor who’s right for you?

1. Know your needs

Choosing the right home starts with choosing the right Realtor.Think about what you want from your buying or selling experience. Also think about where you need the most help. A first-time buyer, for example, requires different services than a real estate investor. Any expertise you’re missing, such as contract negotiation or market analysis, can be made up for by your Realtor.

Here are just a few areas where a Realtor can help:

  • Guiding you through the entire buying and selling process
  • Creating a strategy for reaching your real estate goals
  • Dealing with contract negotiations
  • Handling multiple offer situations
  • Navigating the multitude of forms that come with the purchase or sale of a home
  • Analyzing real estate data from the MLS® System
  • Providing information on market history and current trends
  • Recommending other professionals, such as certified home inspectors, notaries, insurance agents, movers, and contractors
  • Advising on development plans and other possible neighbourhood changes

2. Ask people you trust

Referrals speak volumes. Talk to people you know, and ask them about their Realtor experience. Was their Realtor quick to respond to calls? How did they handle paperwork, marketing, or tense situations? The people in your life are a great source of first-hand knowledge about a potential Realtor.

3. Interview potential Realtors

You may work with your Realtor for weeks or months, so you’ll want to be comfortable with them. While interviewing candidates, ask them about their marketing strategies, education and training, customer service standards, and what they specialize in. Then explain your expectations. Do they have experience with the type of home you’re planning to buy or sell? Do they know the neighbourhood? How involved do you want them to be throughout the process?

Setting expectations before signing a representation contract will help ensure you have the relationship you want with your Realtor.

Get started

Once you’ve identified your needs, made your expectations clear, and interviewed potential candidates, you can make a decision that gives you comfort and confidence going forward.

Get started with our online Realtor search tool, and find the right Realtor for you.


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